About us

About us

About "All Russia a la carte"
"All Russia a la carte" is a separate brand of the Bulgarian tourist company Elitaire Ltd. The company is registered as a touroperator and it owns license number PKK-01-06059.

Who are we
Elitaire Ltd, which is a licensed touroperator and touragent with license number PKK-01-06059, was founded in 2007 and it is a typical example of family business. Some of the managers are internationally- qualified specialists and they worked for 20 years as  incoming, outgoing, handling service, charter and bus programmes, sales and marketing managers at some of the most prestigious tourist companies in Bulgaria. 

How do we work
The company emphasizes on individual programmes, detailed servicing, new and perspective tourist services, but the overall supply of services is based on individual made- to- measure clients' decisions. It is the individual approach and the agents set that guarantee high quality service and that give our strict clients the opportunity to put their trust in us.

Our strategy
From 2007 on Elitaire Ltd. keeps to the strategy of generating, developing and marketing of our separate brands. Except for the current project our business comprises projects in the sphere of incoming and outgoing tourism called "Elitaire Luxury Travel Services", yacht rental- "All7Seas, (www.all7seas.com ), VIP transferings and excursions with S class Mercedes ( www.sc-rental.com ) and the very well developed project for charter tickets "E- Ticket Centre". 
For the development of each of our brands we invest in employing experinced specialists who can guarantee correct work and high quality of service. Our results are a proof for the the proper approach and way of working- for the last 3 years consolidated sales measure a growth of more than 100 % per year compared with the last year. The expectation for 2011 is minimum of 80 % growth compared to 2010.

Why with us
"All Russia a la carte" is a separate brand of Elitaire Ltd. and it functions as a typical touroperator focused on the supply with services for destination Russia without being a legal entity. A guarantee for its high quality is the reputation of Elitaire Ltd. Except for the rich portfolio and long year experience we have the advantage of working with leading Russian touroperators.

Useful for clients
"All Russia a la carte" project is aimed not only to individual clients, but also to groups. We also supplied information or those of you, who are going to travel to Russia for the first time. We offer flexible programmes, which means that if you already have a ticket and visa, you may choose an extra service such as local excursion in Moscow from our website and to buy it separately. You may form your tour package by yourselves, include in it the services that you are interested in. We offer a wide range of tourist services for Russia- charter tickets, personal handling of visa documentation in The Russian Embassy, local services. For any questions and extra information, please contact us.

Useful for agencies
Except for our clients we can also be useful for tourist agents. We have flexible proposals both for agents who would like to sell our products and for those who would like to form their own programmes. For more information, please contact us.

We have worked up flexible programmes for cooperation concerning the rest of our projects.

Best wishes
Elitaire Ltd. team


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