Junwex St. Petersburg 2011

Owner: St. Petersburg
Date: 02.02.2011 - 06.02.2011

Exhibition organization:

International Department  of  RESTEC Junwex

Tel.: +7 812 303 9876

Fax: +7 812 320 8090

E-mail: secur@restec.ru

JUNWEX is a traditional event in jewelry business where manufacturers meet wholesale traders and determine the main trends of jewellery and watch industries for the whole year.

JUNWEX is held on the threshold of new spring-summer season collections launching, marketing of jewellery novelties, production capacity requirements planning for the next six months and executions with trading companies.

JUNWEX gives an opportunity to:
- Consolidate partnership relations with Russian and foreign partners
- Establish new business networks
- Find new distributions channels
- Determine pricing and marketing policy for further business activity
- Assess the competitive ability of own production and determine technological policy

Exhibition website: http://eng.rjexpert.ru/

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